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ARCS Scholar Now a Scholar Alum

Posted on Sunday, August 21, 2016

Daman Bareiss received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University prior to being recruited to the University of Utah in 2011 and given an ARCS scholar award.  His PhD research focused on the development of collision avoidance algorithms for mobile ground and aerial robots.  Daman completed his PhD in Spring of 2016 and accepted a position as a Sr. Software Engineer for Omron Adept Technologies, Inc.  He is working on software for their mobile robot platforms in New Hampshire.  Daman thinks his graduate education was largely successful because of the support of family, friends, and the ARCS Foundation.  He has a great amount of gratitude for the support he was given by ARCS which enabled him to focus on his research without worrying about financial need.  Daman is the proud father of 8 year old Devon.