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Biomedical Engineering Scholar Balances Research and Athletics

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2019

Jocelyn Todd, an ARCS Foundation Utah Chapter Scholar from 2015-16, is pursuing her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Utah. In addition to her work analyzing mechanics of cartilage in the hip to shed light on risk factors of osteoarthritis progression, she is an elite runner and has qualified for the 2020 Olympic marathon trials.  

Todd balances her busy schedule as a researcher and athlete by paying close attention to time management. Although time consuming, she credits running with giving her work-life balance and stability.

“Sometimes research can move slowly, so it is rewarding to have another outlet to move forward in,” Todd said.

Todd has been running since middle school and was a collegiate runner for the University of Iowa, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering. She had one year of eligibility left when she moved to the University of Utah to start her PhD program and credits the change of scene, the team, and coaches with helping her grow immensely as a runner.

After completing her first marathon and enjoying it, she realized that she could compete at a high level. Her 2:36:30 time at the California International Marathon qualified her for the Olympic trials. She is focused now on working to complete the next steps of her research with a planned graduation in summer of 2020 and shaving more minutes off her marathon time before the Olympic trials to be held in Atlanta, GA, in February 2020.

Photo above courtesy of Dan Campbell.

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