Scholar Alums

ARCS Scholar Alums, We’d Like to Hear from You!

ARCS® Foundation Utah is currently funding our first students, so we have no graduates of our own yet. However, we are very fortunate to have two “adopted alums” who were ARCS Scholars in Colorado and Arizona and are currently working at the University of Utah. These two “adopted ARCS Scholars” are spotlighted on Research and Accolades.

ARCS Scholar Alums

If you are an ARCS Scholar alum from one of the other 16 ARCS Foundation Chapters throughout the country and are currently living in Utah, we would like to hear from you.

To notify the Utah Chapter that you are in the area, please email us at   We would love to invite you to affiliate with our Utah Chapter and attend our special events.



Joshua Sewell, Dr. Stacy K. Firth Award 2010

“I am grateful to the ARCS program for the motivation that it has given me to achieve my goals.  I have always been a motivated person in all that I do, but being an ARCS scholar has made me strive harder, and study harder to achieve my goals. I believe that the advancement of science and engineering in our country is so important ,and I hope to make contributions to that advancement in the future.”

Michael K. Young, former University of Utah President

"This national women’s organization is truly impressive, and the University is delighted to have been selected as the next location for a Chapter.”

Shannon Hanson, Scholar Award 2010

“Being an ARCS scholar allowed me to choose my own project instead of taking on whatever project had funding, so I chose to continue working towards creating a more sustainable concrete infrastructure."