Who We Are

ARCS® Foundation Utah currently supports and nurtures students in doctoral programs in the University of Utah College of Engineering. As one of the newest Chapters of ARCS Foundation, our members are dedicated to helping attract the best and brightest scholars to Utah. As our Chapter grows, we will expand our support to other disciplines and other universities in Utah.

ARCS Foundation Utah is one of 17 ARCS Foundation Chapters nationwide, operating independently under the umbrella of ARCS Foundation National. The Utah Chapter incorporated in 2009 and presented our first three scholar awards in October 2010.

Concern over U.S. global competitiveness has become a national priority, and with it, efforts to increase the number of U.S. students seeking degrees in science, engineering and medical research. The University of Utah College of Engineering has been focused on this issue for over a decade, leading a statewide effort to increase engineering and computer science degrees to support growth in the state, regional and national economies. Because the mission of ARCS Foundation is very closely aligned with the goals of the University of Utah College of Engineering, this was the perfect place to start our work. 

ARCS Foundation scholar awards provide the university with one more opportunity to increase the competitiveness of their offers to quality students.

Dr. Siam Oottamasathien, Scholar Alum

“ARCS was truly significant to me because it was a strong catalyst for pursuing my basis science interests. The money and recognition was a tremendous stepping-stone. I am committed to basic science research as part of my future.”

Shannon Hanson, Scholar Award 2010

“Being an ARCS scholar allowed me to choose my own project instead of taking on whatever project had funding, so I chose to continue working towards creating a more sustainable concrete infrastructure."

Joshua Sewell, Dr. Stacy K. Firth Award 2010

“I am grateful to the ARCS program for the motivation that it has given me to achieve my goals.  I have always been a motivated person in all that I do, but being an ARCS scholar has made me strive harder, and study harder to achieve my goals. I believe that the advancement of science and engineering in our country is so important ,and I hope to make contributions to that advancement in the future.”