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Jadie Adams to Intern with JPL

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Jadie Adams, Utah ARCS Scholar 2019-2020, has been selected for an internship at the Nasa jet propulsion lab. She will be working in the Machine Learning and Instrument Autonomy Group with two data scientists and two cosmologists on a project called “Machine Learning Uncertainty Quantification for Cosmic Microwave Background Separation.” Cosmic microwave background (CMB) signals are "relic radiation" from the big bang and can be used to answer questions about the origin of our universe. Jadie will be working on a deep learning solution for removing foreground emissions from data collected by the Planck mission to extract the CMB signal. Her role is to add uncertainty quantification to the model so that they can quantify model confidence within predictions. This is related to the work she has done in quantifying uncertainty in deep models for predicting statistical shape representations from 3D medical images. The application is different, but the theory and approach are very related.   Jadie found out about the internship when she attended the ARCS fall program “Computer Science the Versatile Degree” and connected with the keynote speaker, Kiri Wagstaff, who works at JPL.   Jadie will be starting the internship in May, 2022.

Jadie Adams