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Utah ARCS Scholar Runs Snot Lab

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Utah ARCS Scholar Anna Deleray is organizing a workshop for the 2020 Expanding Your Horizons Conference called Snot Lab.   EYH is a one-day event that encourages girls in grades 6-10 to explore their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and provides positive female role models in STEM Careers.  The Snot Lab is a hands-on activity that teaches students about the important roles mucus plays in the body. Students have a chance to make “snot” using corn syrup and gelatin and test how different concentrations of each ingredient changes the stickiness.  Deleray is a second year doctoral student at the University  of Utah in the Biomedial Engineering Department.  She joined the lab of Dr. Jessica Kramer and conducts research involving the design and synthesis of biomimetic glycopolypeptides.  She is currently working to synthesize antifreeze glycopolypeptides for use as biocompatible cryoprotective agents. 

Working with the Expanding Your Horizons is just one of Deleray's outreach activities.   In addtion to her research Anna is an active member of the Graduate Women in Biomedical Engineering (GWBE) at the University of Utah.  She recently took on the position of co-chair of the outreach committee.  As co-chair, Anna is helping to initiate a mentoring program with undergraduate members of the University of Utah's Society of Women in Engineering chapter.  This summer, Anna is planning to expand GWBE’s involvement at the University of Utah to include participation in the ACCESS Program and Hi-GEAR (Girls’ Engineering Abilities Recognized) Camp. Both of these programs help young women realize their science and engineering potentials and connect them with mentors in these fields.

Being involved in STEM activities as a young person helped Anna develop a passion for science and engineering. She is excited to have an opportunity to work with young women and increase GWBE’s involvement in the community. 

Anna Deleray, ARCS Utah Scholar