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Utah Scholar Szendrei Accepts Position at Lehi's IM Flash

Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2019

Alexander Szendrei, ARCS Utah Scholar 2014-2015 is currently finishing up his last projects at the university and will be starting an engineering position at IM Flash this summer in Lehi Utah.

Alex graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern Maine with BS degrees in both biology and chemistry.  During his early college career, Alex particularly enjoyed classes in thermodynamics, kinetics and quantum mechanics. As a result, he abandoned his original goal of studying medicine.  During his undergraduate studies, Alex participated in an NSF and UROP grant where he worked on solid state physics and nonlinear electrical components.  As an ARCS Scholar at the University of Utah, Alex is completing his dotoral degree in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.

Alex is working on solid state electrochemistry projects with Dr. Anil Virkar and Dr. Taylor Sparks. The systems he has studied include solid oxide and polymer electrolyte fuel cells and sodium-sulfur batteries. He has published three papers in the field, with another paper in review and has presented his work at national conferences for the Electrochemical Society and the American Ceramic Society.

Alex has been active in ARCS Chapter activities, interacts regularly with members and thanks ARCS for supporting him in reaching his goals.